Repair Prices

Each repair is different and will be quoted on an individual basis. Please contact me for a quote, this can usually be done via email if you send some picturers of the damaged area.

Board Modifications

Fancy trying a thruster conversion? A 4WFS conversion is a cheap and easy way to get into the world of multi fins.

Fin box installs do not include fins. 4WFS fins can be supplied. Contact for exact pricing, guidline below.

Inspection & quotation Free!
4WFS Thruster install (2 boxes) £40
Additional 2 boxed for Quad install +£35
Where graphics are involved +£20
4WFS Pair of fins - you provide center, for thruster conversion  
Standard Glass fins (as in photo above) £57
RTM HEXALIGHTS Carbon base £61
4WFS Quad set of fins 2 x pair set
 Note: The above prices include an estimation of postage from Australia, so are liable to change.