Crew Deck

The deck is a single sheet of foam that overhangs the gunwales by about an inch to allow the tramps to be attached. 
First laminate the underside of the deck and add extra carbon where the daggerboard will go, also add carbon at the transom. I put three layers extra on at the centerboard with each layer getting smaller to spread the stress. Just one at the transom will be fine - this helps take the load of the racks and gantry.

 Once you've laminated the underside of the deck let the resin gel then stick the deck down to the hull with a strong mix -eg 45% microballons, 45%  microfibers & 10% silica peanut butter consistency.  I left the fabric overhanging the front edge by an inch, then bent it up the front bulkhead when the deck was glued down. This ensured the inner layer of carbon is bonded to the bulkhead.
You will need to push the deck down so it goes into a curve. Use a long piece of wood with lots of weighs and cramps. 
Once this is cured laminate the top of the deck and wrap the fabric round the gunwale and down the topsides for a inch. This will need to be vacuum bagged because the carbon wont sit nicely round the edge of the deck by itself.
To attach the tramps I drilled holes, removed some of the foam core, using a bent nail on a power drill, and inserted small pieces of carbon tube. I think a better method would to glue a glass or carbon rod along the edge of the gunwale, then drill holes through the deck just in from the edge to allow tramp lacing's to pass around the rod.
Wooden blocks are made to support the racks, I actually fitted these at a later stage. The outer carbon skin and foam core is removed, then the block bonded to the inner skin and a fillet added so there is a good bond with the outer skin.
The daggerboard case is approximately 13cm from back to front. This is added after the deck fitting. The daggerboard case is made around the final foil first, then cut the hole in the deck and hull to take it.
The mainsheet is about 10cm behind the centreboard case. It is attached in the same way as the tramps. There are two small holes through the gunwale about an inch apart, the strop attaches through these.