Epoxy Repairs

Welcome to boardRepair. We are a company specialising epoxy windsurf and general composit repair. We have many years experience working with composites outside of board industry, so please peruse the site to get an idea of previous work. We pride ourselves on the work we do and strive for the best structural solution with a flawless finish. If you are interested in some work being carried out get in touch.

Freewave 88 in for repair

Freewave nose

Nose repair of a Fanatic Freewave 88. The EPS core has been repaired already, now the divinycell is being vacuum bagged on.

Hypersonic in for repair

In this week is a Starboard Hypersonic for a nose job, re-grip and a general tart up.

Time lapse Thruster conversion

Check out our new time lapse video showing the installation of a 4WFS conversion.

 I've used a gopro to produce a time lapse video of two fin boxes being installed on a RRD cult wave.


Sandwich repair section updated with picturers

The sandwich repair section has had a load of pictures detailing a repair to the rail of an evo70.  All the layers in the sandwich were cracked so a full rebuild  was needed. More here: http://boardrepair.co.uk/Repair/SandwichRepair

Wave Cult Thruster test board arrives

Snapped up an identical wave cult to one my wife already sails with the intention of installing thruster fins. This will provide an excellent opotunity to test back to back a converted board againts the orignal single fin.

The board is well used, with a ding on the tail so will require a little wok to bring it back to it's former glory. While this is done two 4WFS boxes will be installed in a similar locations to the the Starboard Evo conversion I've previously carried out. Work will commence once i've moved house.

Stay tuned!

Tiree 2011 Wave Week

A return to Tiree in the Autum in search of wind after a very relaxing, but windless easter trip.

Tiree 2011 Turfdog Adventurers

A very sunny, but windless week on Tiree.



Paint is one of the more difficult areas to get right. This is compounded by a couple of factors that make creating the perfect finish the hardest part of a seamless repair. This is an overview of the process.

Hydrofoil International Moth Build

In 2006 I constructed a foiling international moth. The hull was constructed over a male mould using a carbon foam sandwich using vacuum bagging methods to consolidate the layup and removed excess resin. A set of hydrofoils were also constructed for this project. The hydrofoils were formed using a female mould and had an active control system to maintain a steady fly height.


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